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Insights: When helping clients leads to personal threats

During the past five months I've received a stream of accusations. Everything from "stealing" clients to IP theft. The latest of these came in the way of a personal threat against both myself and my family, specifically my children: Ironically, the simple fact that this ...
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Insights: Paying too little, or too much for your website

I see these kinds of ads fairly regularly and they annoy me, but not for the reason you might think. See, $149 is ridiculous and unsustainable for a website. Almost as ridiculous as thinking that every business needs or wants a unique, bespoke website costing ...
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Online Marketing: Astra Black Friday Sale

Yeah yeah, "another promo blog article!?" Well, "Black Friday" is almost upon us and there are some AWESOME specials coming up, so why not let you know about them? And this one is a doozy! Rumours are this could be up to 80% off! Astra ...
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Online Marketing: Elegant Themes Black Friday Sale

Elegant Themes, the makers of the widely used and acclaimed Divi WordPress theme, are again having a Black Friday sale. I've used and still use Divi for various projects and it is a solid product with very good support. If you're in the market for ...
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SEO: Growth Metrics

What do you really want, or need, a website for? What is your intended purpose? For any healthcare business owner, the goal, ultimately, is surely to use the Internet as a marketing tool, to generate more business for your clinic. To make money from it. ...
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Design: Is it time for a Website Re-Assessment?

Have you ever searched Google for a product or service, been presented with the top hits for your search criteria, anticipatedly clicked one of the top ranking sites only to wait what seems like ages for it to load, then when it does load, you ...
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Insights: Who Is Your Developer Looking Out For?

Recently we've had an experience that has left us feeling somewhat nauseated for a bunch of healthcare practices. In trying to assist a could-be client with some issues on their existing website, it came to our attention that their website issues had been somewhat overstated ...
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Social Media: Considerations for Healthcare Businesses

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd be aware of the prevalence of social media usage in daily life. We live in an era when Internet connectivity is essential for getting information and even entertainment. Wherever people are, there is also an opportunity to ...
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Content: Make It Fit Your Audience

If you're reading this article, you likely have more than just a passing interest in the content that makes up your healthcare website. You've probably even written a bit of it, if not all of it. And, undoubtedly, you're very well trained in your field, ...
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